This weekend was a busy one at The Sandbar! Lots of regulars, lots of old friends, and lots of fun to be had.

Friday night, we played host to two "welcome back" parties- one for Travis and one for Ashley. Naturally the parties converged into one because of our small size, but there was also a lot of overlap among the people who were there to see each of them.

I had to steal some pictures from Facebook- again- because I didn't have any of my own. Luckily everyone else shares their pictures with me. Here are some scenes from Friday night:

N1192214513_431733_7375109 N1192214513_431748_3120321

N1192214513_431755_2536729 N1192214513_431749_1315894

Lots of bar dancing! And former bartenders Kay and LeeAnn were there all night too.

The glittery silver microphone that Ken just loves (ask him about it sometime) made an appearance as the doorway turned into the red carpet, thanks to Ashley and Karen. They are apparently trying out a new career in celebrity entertainment reporting.

And we have to give a shout-out to another party, even though it didn't happen at The Sandbar. Megan, another former Sandbar staffer, celebrated her birthday on Friday with a party at her house. Lots of Sandbar friends were there to help her enjoy it.

Saturday night was a great night, too. A sorority pub crawl came through and did exactly what we love- they arrived early, stayed for a little while, and cleared out in time for the late night crowd. Thanks, ladies, for stopping by!

It was one of those nights where everyone sang, no matter what song came on the jukebox. In fact, some were left wondering just what Dave and Tegan were putting in the drinks. Singing, dancing, and general everyone-getting-along made for a fun night for everyone.

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