We are finally fully recovered from the big event of Dave turning 40.

2009apr10_dave's birthday_0001 His actual birthday was yesterday, but as you know the big party was on Friday. And it was a good one!  We celebrated at The Bottleneck, a live music venue just up the street from The Sandbar. As much as we would have loved to party at The Sandbar….that occupancy limit of 49 was a problem.

If you're looking for a fun party place, by the way, The Bottleneck is awesome. Even though there was a live show planned for the evening, the staff was fine with us bringing in food and decorations. Of course, we also brought in about 75 people who wouldn't ordinarily have been there for a bluegrass concert and who like to drink and who know how to tip the bartenders. And who stayed until 2 a.m.

Peach brought in snacks from the Sandbar Sub Shop in Ottawa- mini sandwiches, Patty's Killer Dip, and cheese and crackers. If you haven't been there yet, you should go. 

2009apr10_dave's birthday_0042We pretty much hung out in the front area of the bar, with the pool tables and dartboard. Lots of friends  came and went the whole night and everyone had a great time. Dave's parents and sister even traveled from McPherson- it's not every day that your son turns 40. They brought along a photo album full of all of Dave's most embarrassing childhood pictures- the wrecked cars, the white tuxedos, the mullet/perm hairstyle.

One of the funniest gifts of the night was courtesy of Brett, the official Papa John's pizza delivery guy of The Sandbar. He and his coworkers created some shaped breadsticks that spelled out "Happy 40th Dave" and Brett delivered them in a pizza box. Very creative idea.

Dave had originally planned to work his regular shift on Saturday night at the bar, but decided to take his whole birthday weekend off. Good thing, too, as he wasn't feeling too hot on Saturday.

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