Dave walked into the bar yesterday- April Fool's Day- while Joe was on opening duty.

Joe told Dave he had a phone message: Sea World had called. Dave, naturally was skeptical of this, but Joe insisted that yes, indeed, someone from Sea World had called with a question about The Sandbar's fish tank.

Dave thought it was more likely that someone else had called with a question, and Joe had misunderstood the caller's name. Perhaps it was someone from Pet World, where we buy equipment and fish for our tanks.

To be fair, Dave was pretty tired yesterday. He had an early morning meeting for Downtown Lawrence, Inc., which he serves as a board member, and he had worked late the night before, so he only had a few hours' sleep.

However, Joe then told Dave that the caller's name was Mr. Shamu.

And would you believe, Dave actually called the number Joe gave him, which was really Sea World's phone number, and asked for Mr. Shamu?

Props to the Joe Factor for pulling off a successful April Fool's Day prank on his boss. Will he still have a job tomorrow?

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