Last week, Dave got a call from a Channel 6 newsguy named Mark, who wanted to come check out our St. Patricks' Day parade float and shoot some video footage of us working on it.

Mark came out on Tuesday with his camera guy, and they hung around for about an hour- filming, asking questions, and even getting a little bit of work in themselves. Mark has a feature every Sunday on the 10 p.m. news called "Mark's on the Move," where he checks out untold or overlooked stories in the community.

A few days after Mark's visit, Dave got another phone call- this time asking if a photographer from the Lawrence Journal-World could come by and take some still pictures for the paper. He stopped by on Friday and took pictures.

In today's LJW, there was an article by Mark about our float-building, along with an extremely cool video clip that included several of us talking and painting. It also included footage from several years' worth of parade floats- the "Grease" car, the Sandbar Showboat, and last year's soggy barn.

The print edition of the paper also included a black and white shot of the float from our alley. Brother Pants made it into the picture, but he conveniently has his head turned away from the camera so you can't tell it's him.

We are excited about all of the publicity for this year's float. I hope that we live up to everyone's expectations…I know that we'll have fun no matter what. 

Tonight we are teaching our float dances to all of the float-riders. Tomorrow, look for a preview of our dances.