When we originally created our Facebook profile, it was new territory.
We aren't teenagers, you know, so the inner workings of Facebook
weren't hardwired into our brain. Well, apparently we did it wrong-
businesses are supposed to have a page, and people are supposed to have
a profile. Somehow, we ended up with both.

The profile was a lot more fun and allowed a lot more interaction with
our friends, so we neglected the page- even though there are actually
more fans of the page than there are friends of the profile. Confused
yet? Yeah, we are too.

We apparently aren't the only ones, and Facebook realized this along
the way, because they've now modified their "Pages" to act more like
"Profiles." If you're a fan of our page, you've likely noticed that it
looks different today than it did in the past. Now it looks a lot more
like the profiles that everyone is used to seeing.

So, on that note, we are hoping to migrate all of our "friends" to be
"fans." Sometime in the next few weeks, we will be deactivating the
profile- because, really, it's a duplicate of the page now. If you want
to keep up with The Sandbar, you will need to become a fan of our page.

We'll continue to post updates and pictures and all the other stuff we
do here, it will just be in a different place. And supposedly the stuff
we post on our "Page" will now appear in your newsfeed, so you
shouldn't even notice anything different.

Here is a link to our Facebook Page:

The page is restricted to users who are 21+.