Not too long ago, Dave added some fancy new bench seating in the back room at The Sandbar. They weren't quite finished when I published the first picture- and still aren't totally done- but check out the latest (no models posing on the bench in this picture, sorry):


He closed off the area underneath the benches and also closed in the step area (which is a good thing, as I nearly tripped and fell when I got my foot caught on the unfinished ledge). He's planning to use the underside as a storage area for excess bar stuff, like toilet paper and straws and drink toys. Pretty sure there won't be any extra alcohol stored under there!

And if that wasn't enough, check out the other new bench that is currently in the back room, courtesy of our Landshark Lager rep:


Pretty cool, huh? It will eventually make it's way upstairs to the beach, where it seems like the perfect thing to hang out on while dipping your toes in our fine white sand and staring longingly at the beach mural on the wall. If you close your eyes, you can pretend you're on a real beach…