Yesterday was the much-anticipated 40th birthday celebration for Ken, aka "Daddy," a longtime Sandbar employee who only recently retired from tending bar.

The party started out with a KU vs. Texas game watch at Jo Shmo's, a local establishment up the street from The Sandbar. It was chosen for the fact that it was kid-friendly, with a semi-private room upstairs that includes bocce and ping pong and TV's.

After the game, the party moved to the back room of The Sandbar. The bar had a pretty good early evening crowd, and we had the windows open all day to enjoy the nice weather. Later in the evening, the thunderstorms started- I like to think it was Mother Nature's way of wishing Ken a happy birthday and welcoming him over the hill.

Ken wasn't the only birthday boy- there were a couple of ladies celebrating their birthday as well, and they donned the mermaid costumes for the hurricane show.

2009mar07 Ken40thBirthday_0002

Ken might refuse to be the mermaid, but he put on a different kind of show as he danced on the bench to his favorite "Cryin' Fridays" tune, "El Paso." You truly have to see this performance to fully appreciate it. Video footage of the event exists, but given that Ken has a day job, I'm not going to publish it for the world to see without his permission. You can use your imagination instead.