20090124 new fan
Or, in other words, the bartenders are hot.

Sweaty-hot, not the other kind of hot.

After spending one too many nights slaving and sweating behind the bar on a busy night, Dave decided to install a fan above the door. Joe mentioned our energy efficient air circulation system to a UDK reporter last week, so I thought it deserved a mention here.

Whenever the bartenders get too warm, the doorguy can flip the fan on, and it circulates outdoor air into the bar. The recent chilly weather has allowed them to cool the bar down pretty fast.

It doesn't look like much- a strange pink panel on a not-very-fancy piece of plywood. But it's a very valuable thing here at The Sandbar.

The fan blasts air behind the bar- where it's needed most. It cheers up the bartenders and lowers the temperature, but since it's not aimed at customer areas, it won't mess up the girls' hair.