Last month, during a busy night at The Sandbar, someone found a green Fossil wallet on the floor and turned it in to the bartender.  It sat behind the bar and waited for it's owner to claim it.

A few days later, the wallet was still there. I saw it behind the bar and decided to try to track down the owner. The first thing I looked for was a driver's license- and there wasn't one.

Hey Dave? There isn't a driver's license in this wallet.


Well, how did the person get in the bar without an ID?

Oh. Good question. Well, maybe they had their driver's license in their pocket?

Good point, I do that sometimes because it's easier to get to. I found a debit card in the wallet and tried to call the bank, to see if they could call their customer and tell them where their wallet was, but the bank was closed. I didn't have any other bright ideas that day so I gave up.

Last weekend, I noticed the wallet was still at the bar, only now it was upstairs in the office.  "This is ridiculous," I thought. I grabbed the wallet and went back downstairs to call the bank again.

I opened the wallet to pull out the debit card- and the first thing I saw was a driver's license staring back up at me. A driver's license that was most definitely not there the first time I opened this wallet.

Hey Dave? There's a driver's license in this wallet now...

I know! And I swear it wasn't in there on Thursday when I put the wallet upstairs!

Not only was there a driver's license, there was also a military ID that also was not there before. We are both convinced that the Sandbar ghost was at work again. I don't know how else to explain it.

On a side note, the wallet has been reunited with it's owner. I tried calling the bank again, but they were closed again. It's very strange in this 24-hour world to encounter a place that's closed. However, I used some detective skills (and the internet) to track down the owner and her cell phone number. She seemed very happy.

She must have finally stopped by to reclaim her wallet, because I haven't seen it at the bar lately.