We have another new decoration in The Sandbar: beer bottle Christmas lights.

When Dave and I were back in my hometown over Thanksgiving weekend, we went out to a couple of the local bars one night. I never expected him to find inspiration in a small town watering hole, but I guess I underestimated him.

One of the places we went to had strings of empty clear glass beer bottles hanging around the bar area. The bottles were rigged with colored Christmas lights stuck down inside them. It was kind of a cool effect, like something you'd see at an outdoor beach bar.

As soon as we got home Dave gathered up a bunch of empty beer bottles from the bar and set about trying to string them together with wire and Christmas lights. That lasted about two hours and then the craft project sat in our house, half finished, until a couple weeks ago.

So, since Christmas is only eleven months away, we have our first strand of beer bottle lights hanging in the bar. There will probably be more to come. If you're interested in making a set of your own, talk to Dave. He'll tell you all about his creation.

20090207_bottle lights 02