It was certainly a busy night at The Sandbar last night.

We weren't really sure what to expect for a game day- sometimes we get crowds before and after basketball games, but it's very unpredictable.  There wasn't much of a crowd during the afternoon yesterday although several fun groups of people stopped by.

I met a third cousin I didn't know I had:


We've actually met before and never knew we were related. Yesterday, though, we got into a conversation about where we went to high school, do you know so-and-so, and lo and behold we discovered that our grandfathers were cousins. Oh, and it was his birthday yesterday, too. Happy Birthday Jeff.

A little later in the evening, Brittany's parents arrived, followed by Erin's, to set up the birthday party snacks upstairs. Guests started to arrive and eventually the birthday girls showed up too. By about 7:30 the bar was pretty full. A lot of their party guests got stuck in line because they didn't pay attention to the warning on the invitation: get there early.


Brittany and Erin celebrated with the customary hurricane and danced on the bar with Dave.  At one point, a couple girls from out of town hopped on the bar with them. They didn't know the dance, but they didn't seem to care. Brother Pants befriended the ladies earlier in the night and discovered they were from Iola, had heard Lawrence was a fun town, and drove up for a girls' night out.

 Apparently a bachelorette party had called earlier in the day and asked Coleen if they could reserve the bar for the evening or reserve spots or something. They had to wait in line with about a thousand other people last night. If you can't tell, this picture was taken of people who were standing halfway down the block, waiting to get into The Sandbar.


There were other shenanigans last night, too, but I'm saving those for another post. I got enough material yesterday over a period of about ten hours at the bar to keep this blog up for at least another month.