N9408067_39721182_1964Well, we found out today that one of our favorite and most loyal regulars over the last few years is leaving town.

You've probably met or at least seen Ashley in The Sandbar at some point. She's the blonde who towers over everyone- except Dave- including me, and I'm pretty tall. She's also doorboy Andrew's day-job boss which probably means he's going to be working a lot more until they hire a replacement.

A few years ago, Ashley was the big winner in our annual Halloween costume contest. Well, the contest ended up being held online, since we forgot to do it that night, but she probably still would have won even without being able to email all 7,921 of her fans and asking them to vote for her.

Ashley took a new job in Baltimore, of all places, and she leaves next Thursday. Yes, as in six days from now. She has assured us that she will be spending a lot of her time at The Sandbar until she leaves.

The official going away party will be Sunday night at The Sandbar, of course, so stop by sometime and share a toast with Ashley. We will miss her and we wish her well in Baltimore.

I snagged this picture from Ashley's Facebook page…I figured since she put it on the internet of all places, she wouldn't mind if I used it. I thought it was appropriate for this post.