Here's a little Sandbar shout-out to two former employees who randomly and separately called the Sandbar while the boys were closing up last night.

WillDave and I were hanging around after closing time watching Danny, Blair, and John clean and stock when the phone rang. It was Drew, calling from Taiwan, where he is teaching young students all sorts of things their mothers wouldn't want them to know. He's actually teaching English, although knowing Drew I"m sure there are some shenanigans involved.

Drew might be remembered best for his starring role in this video.

Not too long after the guys got off the phone with Drew, it rang again. Danny answered it and, looking confused, asked Dave if he knew someone named Lloyd.

"Lloyd!!" screamed Dave with delight. (That sounded like a line from a cheesy novel, eh?) He ran over to the phone to talk to Will, who was the pre-Blair version of Blair. Or maybe Blair is a new version of Will. Anyway, Will tended bar at The Sandbar for a long time and was well loved by everyone. He had an uncanny resemblance to Stifler from the American Pie movies.  Will moved to St. Louis several years ago and makes it back to visit not nearly often enough.

I don't have any video footage of Will, unfortunately, but here's a picture. You might remember Will's star turn in one of the first Sandbar hurricane videos- he was the man whose clothes were blown away by the hurricane. One of these days I'll get that video posted for your enjoyment.