The Sandbar has a few new drinks to satisfy your thirst, and Dave said it's finally a lineup he likes.

Hava Lava

This is a fruit-punchy type of drink that looks like flaming lava, only it's served ice cold. We're looking for a fun volcano-themed toy to add to this drink but for now, you get whatever we happen to have in stock.

Pink Flamingo

This one isn't new, but it's been tweaked. Dave's mom served us a fun pink drink at Christmas that she called the Pink Panty Pull-down (I have no idea where that name came from, so don't even ask- although this post will probably get spammed until the next century for mentioning the p-word).  Instead of adding a new drink, we just replaced the previous Pink Flamingo recipe with this one. Sorry, Maynards.


A  new margarita in honor of owner/founder Peach, whose real name is Rita. She probably wouldn't want that revealed, but it fits the drink. Just what it sounds like, a mango flavored margarita.

Pina Colada

The last new drink is our only frozen drink, replacing the frozen Hurricanes we've had for awhile. It's your typical pina colada and it's delicious. It even has real banana in it. Just kidding, it's creme de banana liqueur, but you'd never know it.

Next time you're in the bar, step out of your comfort zone and try one of the new drinks!