Of course The Sandbar is a hot place to go for an evening of drinks or dancing or fun. But now we have another definition of a hot spot.

You know that area above the beer cooler, where one of the TV's sits? Dave and I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon cleaning and clearing out old wires so we could replace the old router hub with a new one that would allow us to set up a wireless network. And let's just say that area isn't on the regular cleaning list.

It took us awhile to do all of this. We have an old PC sitting up there that our cable modem, webcam, and the monitor above the bar are plugged into. There's also a keyboard and a mouse for the rare moments that we actually need to do something on the computer. This was one of those moments.

While there are many cords and cables connecting all of this stuff, none of them are very long. The computer is up in the corner; the monitor is halfway down the bar. The keyboard and mouse wouldn't reach more than a few feet away from the computer. And all of it sits over my head. Needless to say, we had quite the balancing act going on: standing on a chair in between the computer and monitor, squinting to see the monitor that was still four feet away, and alternating between holding the keyboard and using the mouse on a clipboard-turned-mousepad. Not a very ergonomic way to work on a computer.

But the end result is that we now have a new wireless network in the bar, and we've decided to leave it open for those of you who might want to check your email or surf the web from your laptop or your phone.

There's another reason that we needed to set this up, but I'm saving that big announcement for another day.