Happy New Year to everyone!

The Sandbar had another great new year's eve celebration last night. It's always an interesting night- not a lot of regulars, but lots of other people who maybe don't go out that much. There's hardly any turnover all night, and because of that there's almost never a line; the people who show up after the bar is full know they'll spend an hour in line hoping for someone to leave.

Hayley tended bar during the early shift, which actually got pretty busy with people coming in to watch the Insight Bowl game. Chris and Danny took over at 9 p.m.; don't they look like they're working in this picture?  And check out the new addition to Danny's face.

New Years Eve 2008_0018

We started charging a $10 cover during the last part of the game. A lot higher than normal, but since there's almost no turnover and surprisingly people really don't drink like fish, and it's a holiday, it seemed justified. We heard there were places in town charging $25 and up just to get in, not even including any food.

Speaking of food, Dave put out a spread of hot dogs, meatballs with marinara, nachos, and little smokies. All the great bar food we all love. The entire bar made a champagne toast at midnight and welcomed the new year.

New Years Eve 2008_0009

Overall it was a pretty good night. No scuffles, no super-drunk people who needed to be escorted outside (well, except the lady in the funky tights who had to leave really early), and everyone was in a really good mood.

We hope you had fun, too, wherever you were!

Photos from the celebration have been uploaded to The Sandbar's Flickr photostream.  If you're a Flickr member, you can join The Sandbar group and upload your favorite Sandbar photos to share with members.