After a too-short bus ride, the Sandbar Christmas party made it back home safe and sound. We set out some food, set up a gift table, and waited for the rest of the staff and friends to get there…

It didn't take long for the guests to arrive. Pretty soon the bar was packed full of tacky Christmas sweaters and badly wrapped gifts. Drinks were flowing and games were getting started. Dave set up the much-anticipated Tippy Cup table and teams were chosen. They originally tried to play in the back room; if you've ever played this game, especially with this group, you'll know that the fish tank in the back room was in serious jeopardy very quickly. The table was moved out into the main bar.

Sandbar Christmas Party_0006
Sandbar Christmas Party_0045

After a few rounds of Tippy Cup and beverages, we started the gift exchange around 9:45.

Another post this week- or next- will highlight the gifts and the costumes.

The Sandbar will be closed today, Christmas Eve, and might be open tomorrow night. It depends on whether a few staff members want to come in on their holiday or not.