Last week, some more of these wooden trinkets arrived on our doorstep. We still have no idea who is creating these and leaving them at the bar. We've also seen them in numerous places around town- lots of businesses downtown, and some other places like our favorite hardware store, Cottin's.

Here's a look at the latest ones to arrive:

12.08 Wooden Gifts_0017

12.08 Wooden Gifts_0018

12.08 Wooden Gifts_0020

12.08 Wooden Gifts_0022

12.08 Wooden Gifts_0015

All of these were left on the same day, tied together. The stop sign is a departure from his usual plaque. This craftsman is a busy guy. If I knew who he was, I'd buy him a beer.

Tonight is the annual Sandbar Christmas revelry. We're taking a bus to Ottawa to check out the brand new Sandbar Subs shop that Peach is opening. After that, it's back to Lawrence for the gift exchange extravaganza. You can read about last year's hoopla here. It was so much fun that it gave me stories to share for almost a week.

Pictures from past parties are here.