The Sandbar was happy to host a graduation party for Nurse Shelly, younger sibling of former staff member Erick, last weekend.  She finished nursing school and accepted a job on graduation day, then celebrated the whole event at The Sandbar with family and friends. 

It wouldn't be a party unless the guest of honor danced on the bar with several boys in mermaid costumes…

12.13.08 Shelly graduation

There were pictures of Shelly in her nurse's cap decorating the bar, which is pretty much a tradition for every party we have. Apparently a guy named Drew and his girlfriend Nancy (good thing his first name is Drew, not his last) thought that Shelly had died and that was why her picture was all over the bar. Because that's what people do when someone dies, hang their picture all over a bar and drink all night.

Anyway, when he realized it was her graduation party, he bought her a shot. Thanks Nancy & Drew!

And one last picture of the graduate, this one with her siblings. I was sure I had posted this photo on the blog already, but after a quick search I didn't find it, and this is the perfect opportunity to embarrass the three of them.


This picture was originally taken in 1985 for an newspaper ad for their mother's clothing store. The picture made an appearance at Shelly's wedding this summer, and of course The Sandbar had to have a copy for the wall. Mom obliged- very quickly- and this photo now hangs in the back room.  Aren't they cute? They'll probably never talk to me again.