I'm convinced that every other website on the internet is some type of interactive, review-your-favorite-place type of website. Every few months I find a new one, usually when someone has reviewed The Sandbar and it shows up in my Google alerts. Here's one, here's another

And today, yet another.  This one's called "Insider Pages," and there isn't much different about it from the others except maybe the page design. Our address, phone number, website and a map are posted, and last month someone left a review!

Katie P. says:

This bar is a real gem in Lawrence. You have to get there early because
it is very small inside, and it's a great place to start out your
night. Make sure to order one of their specialty drinks… you get a
toy to take with you! (Try the "Shark Attack"). And if you're lucky,
you might even get one of the bartenders to let you wear the mermaid
costume and dance on the bar (but only if you're lucky).

She only gave four out of five stars, but it was a pretty accurate review.