Sandbar friend and regular Devin- fondly known to us as Devo- graduated and left town last summer. But before she moved away, she wrote this poem for Dave.

Scooter Whisperer

He moves through the door
Like a calm cool breeze
The bar responds with a roar.
His gentle presence brings us ease.

He's got some new deal,
Some project he's been working on.
He'll listen to your spiel,
Even if it's a total bomb.

"Hey- how tall is that guy?"
Some drunk broad asks.
He doesn't come to work in a tie,
In height glory he basks.

In only a minute he'll fix your scooter.
If you're a butthead, he won't be ruder.

We're all lucky to know the Big Wave.
He might throw you out, if you misbehave.

He gets real psyched for a hurricane.
When he's tending bar the tips rain.

On your birthday he makes you feel glorious,
When you work with him, it's never laborious.

I'll never forget my times at Sandbar-
Okay, well some of 'em.
Those are the best by far,
And it's totally because of him.

I don't think even I could have written such a nice poem about Dave. Thanks, Devo. We miss you.