We've talked before about door etiquette at The Sandbar, but I have
a great real life example to share with any of you who might still be
under the (mistaken) impression that the line outside is there because
we like to make people wait, or that if you're some sort of
self-appointed VIP you get special treatment.

A young man walked past the entire line of people waiting to go inside and approached Andrew the doorboy.

Guy: "I was in here last night with Mr. So and So, so I can just come on in tonight, right?"

Andrew: "No, you can wait in line with everybody else."

bickered back and forth a little bit. The line skipper wanted to talk
to the manager; Andrew replied it didn't matter because he was in
charge of the door. The guy kept persisting about wanting to talk to
someone "higher up," but Andrew didn't budge.

The guy realized he
wasn't getting anywhere so he pulled out his phone to call Mr. So and
So, his drinking partner from the night before.

Mr. So and So informed the guy that he needed to ask for Dave, because Dave would help him out.

Guy: "I need to talk to Dave."

Andrew: "No you don't. It doesn't matter, I'm in charge of the door and you can wait like everyone else."

At that particular moment, Dave was actually there, although he wasn't
working and he was not in the mood to deal with people, especially
drunk, rude, and angry people, so he had told Andrew to pretend like he
wasn't there and gave Andrew full authority over the door. But Line
Skipper didn't need to know any of this.

the guy wouldn't let up on Andrew, and he still had Mr. So and So on
the phone trying to figure out a way to get him in the bar.  Finally,
Andrew came up with a response that shut them all up:

Andrew: "Look, tell Mr. So and So he can call my mom and dad."

Apparently the threat of "mom and dad" is a scary one, because Line Skipper promptly hung up the phone and left.