Those of you familiar with Key West know about Captain Tony, the namesake of the famous bar. Our friend Pat passed on the sad news of the Captain's passing November 1.
Captain Tony's son, Tony Jr. or TJ as he is more commonly known, sent out a message to all of his father's MySpace friends to assure them that his father was surrounded by family as he left the world with a smile. They plan to keep Captain Tony's MySpace page active as "a place for friends, family, parrot heads, weirdos, pirates, Democrats,
Republicans, middlemen, or just people interested about who Capt. Tony
the Legend was."

There will be several services held for Captain Tony in Key West, including a public viewing this Friday, November 7, and a memorial service on Saturday, November 8. After the memorial service, there will be a parade from the church down Duval Street to Captain Tony's Saloon.

Two weeks ago, a book that was written about Captain Tony's philosophy was released. Of course it's available at the bookstores in Key West, but if you're unfortunate enough to live somewhere else, you can also find it on Amazon. The book is called "Life Lessons of a Legend" and is written by Bradley Manard.

Drop by Captain Tony's MySpace page to pay your tribute, and next time you're in Key West be sure to stop by the saloon and raise a glass.