Last night we had an emergency in the giant fish tank.

Our astute bartender Joe called Dave sometime during the evening to tell him that one of the pipes in the fish tank had dislodged. The tank was still bubbling, which meant the pump was working, which meant Dave wasn't too concerned.  Frankly he was mostly impressed that Joe had noticed the pipe.

Throughout the night, Dave kept checking the webcam, and even though the bar wasn't busy, around 1:30 a.m. he decided he'd run down to the bar to check things out.

Well, when he got there, he discovered that the pump had just stopped working- no bubbles in the tank anymore. The fish tank has a highly specialized pump that you can't just run out to the store and buy.

Fortunately Dave has become something of an expert in maintaining fish tanks, and he had a couple of smaller pumps on hand that he was able to install to keep the fish tank going (and keep the fish alive).

He spent all day today at the bar trying to fix the tank. He found a place to work on the special pump, and finally around 7 p.m. tonight he came home completely exhausted but victorious. The fish tank is back to normal and all of the fish are alive.

Dave is convinced that the ghost had a hand in this– knocking the pipe (which had absolutely nothing to do with the pump) loose; alerting Joe to the loose pipe so he would call Dave; and bugging Dave enough that he finally went to the bar. If he hadn't gone down there last night, all of the fish would have died.

And Coleen doesn't have enough room in her freezer for all of them.