Well, another Sandbar Halloween party has come and gone, and I think we've recovered very well. There were plenty of tricks and treats this year…

The biggest trick of the night was successfully pulled off by bartender Coleen. Every year she talks non-stop about Halloween, and like several other friends she starts planning her next costume on November 1, but this year she was suspiciously quiet.

She showed up after ten o'clock dressed as Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter, with Dog in tow. I think this picture is appropriate enough for the blog, hopefully she won't yell at me:

Halloween 2008_0014

The pair of them won the costume contest- yes, we remembered to hold it this year! Second place went to the Hamburgler. Neither Dave nor I can remember who won third place- anyone else remember?

Now for the treats.  Since it was Halloween we all forgot about the Bar Band, but they still play on holidays. They stopped by for their regular pre-game festivities, and most of them were dressed in costume.

Halloween 2008_0036

There were so many great costumes this year! The whole bunch from the Wizard of Oz, a KU wizard, a Twister game, a detective from CSI, Rainbow Brite.  The Orbit gum girl made an appearance, and we had bikers, a sexy (scary?) Abe Lincoln, and even Jesus. He was on vacation, though, and you could tell by his Hawaiian shirt.

Here are a few pictures of some of our staff, along with some of our favorite costumes of the night:

Halloween 2008_0016
Halloween 2008_0022

Halloween 2008_0039
Halloween 2008_0045

Check out our Halloween photo album for more pictures of the fun. And don't forget to upload your own Sandbar Halloween pictures to our Flickr group!