The Sandbar was once again the place to be for the after-concert party last Saturday.

Previous Sandbar patrons Roger Creager and his band performed at The Granada. The crowd was small but fun- like The Sandbar!- and after the show Roger and some of his crew walked back to The Sandbar with us. They only had an hour before their bus was scheduled to pull out of town, but they still wanted to visit the bar. We were thrilled that they liked our place so much that they wanted to go back.

We gave one of the band members a Sandbar shirt in the hopes that he will visit many more exotic places than we will and take a picture for our wall.  He promised to send us a picture from someplace cool.

About twenty minutes after we walked in the bar, our friend Julia brought over the band that had just played at the Bottleneck. I don't know who they were or what type of music they played, but everyone seemed to love The Sandbar. 

I heard the Toby Keith song "I Love This Bar" on the radio today. That song has always made me think about The Sandbar and the diverse groups of people that love the place. We may not have quite the range of people mentioned in the song, but it's definitely a place that all sorts can enjoy.