If you are one of those extra-communicative types after a night of fruity drinks at The Sandbar, this post is for you.

You've heard of "beer goggles," the idea that once you've had a few (or a few too many), everyone starts to look a little more, well, interesting. A Google engineer has developed "Mail Goggles" after sending one too many drunken, late-night emails that he later regretted.

Mail Goggles is a new Labs feature available for Gmail users. When the feature is enabled, if you click "send" during the default late-night hours, you will be prompted to solve several simple math problems to verify that you are in the right state of mind.

You can adjust the settings to make Mail Goggles active during whatever time you want.

The post on the Google blog doesn't explain what happens if you fail the math test. I'm going to assume that the email isn't sent?

If you're a Gmail user and don't have enough self control to stay out of your email after imbibing, you might want to check this application out. If any of you want to test this out, let us know how it works.

Now perhaps someone can figure out a way to stop drunk-texting?