Lots of places have great staff, but The Sandbar crew really shows how great they are sometimes.

A wedding party was in the bar early one Saturday night, and after they left and the table was cleared, Chris and Andrew discovered that they group left some things behind: a camera and a giant wad of pristine bills. Yes, you read that correctly. It was at least four hundred dollars.

Less quality staff members at other places might have simply pocketed the money and gone about their business. Our guys, however, turned all of it into the bartender. No one recognized any of the people in the pictures on the camera.

Several days later, someone from the party finally called and asked about their missing camera and envelope, but they didn't act like they were in any big hurry to come collect their stuff. So it sat behind the bar for a week until one day a woman came in to pick it all up, with not so much as a vague thank you.

A little surprising, perhaps, since I know if I'd left my camera and that much cash just lying around somewhere, I'd be rushing back to get it and profusely thanking whoever found it, especially if they hadn't stolen any of the money. But, whatever.

A few days later, though, a very nice thank you card arrived at the bar, thanking the staff for finding and holding the stuff.  It was a nice gesture that we all very much appreciated.