The Sandbar scooter gang is still alive and well and often found cramming multiple scooters into one parking spot downtown. One of the funniest moments for me this summer was leaving the bar after closing time with Dave, Blair, and Joe, and realizing that all four of us were headed to the exact same parking place- where all four scooters awaited.

Dave and Andrew thought it would be funny to move Joe's scooter. It's lightweight enough for the two of them to pick up, and the moved it out of it's parking spot and into the sidewalk planter. Joe was not amused.


Those of us with scooters tend to ride them whenever possible, even in the rain, because they're so much easier to get around town on. Even when heading to a wedding this weekend, Andrew rode his scooter- while also wearing a suit. He looked pretty classy.


There's plenty more scooter fun where these came from- and one of these days we're planning to have a poker run. And now let the ridiculous comments begin.