August was kind of a slow month around the blog, but if it means all of you were outside enjoying the sunshine instead, that's okay with me.

The total number of visits for the month was 797, which is still more than last August's tally of 516 visits, but down from last month's 952. It worked out to almost 26 visits per day.

As always, the search words and phrases that led people to the Sandbar's blog were of interest:

hula girl bike horn: This brought back fond memories of the now-defunct Sandbar gift shop and one of the trinkets that hung on the walls. It was a cute little hula girl sitting on a bike horn, and for a time, we all had one on our bikes.

mermaids with no braws: Yes, that's how it was spelled. I don't think you'll find mermaids anywhere with "braws." And probably not with bras, either.

pirate tractor float: Now there's a combination, why didn't we think of that one? Perhaps we would win the grand prize trophy.

wackiest hurricane track: I'm not exactly sure what this person was looking for; maybe the wackiest path of a hurricane? Apparently Google thinks our song is the wackiest hurricane track.

jimmy jimmy my love of the sea: When you put this phrase in quotation marks and search, our site is the only one that appears. It's that unique.

Joe's Crab Shack Bahama Mama: Because borrowing the Shark Attack wasn't quite enough. Now they have all of our drinks on their menu.

And lots of people looking for flamingo trinkets. We are too, so if you find some, let me know.