The Sandbar is always a popular place for birthdays and bachelorette parties, and even more so for friends and regulars.

Rheva worked at The Sandbar once a week several years ago, and she also tended bar at The Lodge for several years. She is getting married to Dave (not bartender Dave) next weekend, and bartender Dave will officiate the ceremony. This will be his fifth wedding ceremony, in case you're wondering.

Last Saturday was the big bachelorette bash, or as we liked to call it, "Rheva's Last Hurrah!"  A group of gals gathered at the Sandbar early in the evening for drinks, conversation, and silly decorations, and then a gorgeous white stretch Hummer picked everyone up for a night on the town.

As all parties eventually do, this one ended up at The Sandbar not once, but twice more that night- once to pick up another party-goer, and then of course to wind the party down with a closing Hurricane at everyone's favorite bar.

IMG_0260   IMG_0262