On the home page of The Sandbar's official website, at the bottom of the page, there's a link that asks "How much do you love The Sandbar?" and begs for someone to click that link and pour their heart out to us.  Sadly, no one ever does.

Until yesterday.

A Sandbar love letter appeared in our mailbox from a guy named Rob in Pennsylvania, who hasn't been to The Sandbar in eight years but still checks out the website.  Here's what he had to say:

Its been a long time.  Another life even, but I did love the sandbar and went every time I was in town.

I haven't been there since 2000,  but looking at the pictures on the website made me almost smell the place, and the person I went with 😉

My favorite story was a night that I didn't want beer, so I was drinking Captain and Coke( I am from PA and no one in the midwest seems to have ginger ale for the Captain.)  I decided to try to make a new drink, and the bartender, a guy named Dave, I believe, told me if I made it I had to name it.  The drink was A shot of Malibu,a shot of Captain and a half shot of Meyers Dark Coke, splash of Roses and a twist of lime.

I named it the Pennsylvanian.  I drank quite a few with Jimmy blaring from the juke box.

The girl I was with more or less carried me out  that night. (Mmmmmmmm, now I can smell her!)

Good times in a great place.

Dave actually sort of remembered the drink that this guy concocted. Maybe we'll resurrect it one of these nights in his honor. I'm also going to send him a t-shirt to thank him for sharing his story.