Pat had to eject a man for being too intoxicated; he was looking
up the bar dancers' skirts (the customer, not Pat).  The perpetrator
offered to kick Pat's rear but Pat seemed completely disinterested.

1:06 a.m.
I rejected an ID card and after repeated assertions to the individual
that it is our policy not to accept anything short of a driver's
license, he asked me why I didn't pull my head out of my rear. 

1:10 a.m.
The last of a group of four women (again!) had an expired driver's
license, which I rejected.  She and her friends whined and cried, then
demanded back their cover charges, and left.  It worked out quite well
and I unloaded a bunch of $1 dollar bills on them. 

"I don't need to drink to have a good time; I need to drink to stop the voices in my head."


{I'm not sure which Robert this was….}