Recently, Dave was inspired by our good friend John (from The Hawk) to try something new- jello shots. John had whipped up a batch of them for a day on the lake, and after he explained to Dave just how easy they were to make (and that they could be created at the bar and not in our kitchen), Dave was sold.

Labor Day weekend was a test run for this new idea. We bought massive quantities of jello at Dillon's and experimented with different flavors of jello and liquor. We made enough for a birthday party, the football game tailgate, a pool party, and a lake party- and they were a hit at each event.

Dave found perfectly sized plastic cups, with lids, and made his first batch at the bar last night. I like to think these might have cheered up the crowd a little bit after the shocking last minute loss in the KU football game. We even have whipped cream to add on top. Stop by some night to check out our new jello-fish shots and let us know your favorite flavors.