You might remember one of our doorguy/bartenders from a few years
ago, Jake. He's been featured on the blog several times, and you can
learn all about him here.

Jake and his partner in crime, John,
left The Sandbar to spend a year in Australia and New Zealand(we can't
really blame them). We liked them so much that their going away party
even got its very own photo album
over to the right of this page. After arriving back home, they went
their separate ways and we didn't really hear much from either of them
for quite some time.

John resurfaced a few months ago
long enough to tell us he was moving away again, but it's been a long
time since we've seen Jake. However, after finally deciding to make use
of the Sandbar Facebook page I created over a year ago, I managed to
find him.

Guess what? He's gone again.

Our traveling man
has left the country again, this time to teach English in China. In
fact, he left yesterday. And, once again, he promises to chronicle the
adventures in a blog, which you can find here.
The original blog about Australia is still in the menu on the right
side of the page, though the boys didn't keep us updated nearly enough. 

Good luck to you, Jake. Don't forget about The Sandbar. And I hope you took along a Sandbar shirt so you can take a picture for our wall.

is it with Sandbar staff and the desire to teach English in a foreign
land? Drew, another former staffer, did the same thing not too long ago}