Last week's start of the KU football season also brought the beginning of another long-time tradition, the Bar Band.

They arrived at The Sandbar last Friday night to put on their show for the patrons, and they'll be back tonight. The band used to come in later in the evening, like 11 p.m., but because of capacity issues and the fire marshall, Dave has requested that they hit The Sandbar much earlier in the evening this year.

And like past years, we are providing the band members with free t-shirts. For the second year now, the shirts are courtesy of our friend/regular Ashley and adidas. Dave printed the Sandbar logo on the front and "Bar Band" on the back. These are great limited-edition shirts and the only way to get one is to be a member of the bar band!

So, if you aren't busy tonight and want to get in the spirit of tomorrow's football game a little early, come on out to The Sandbar. Be sure to get there early- meaning don't wait very long after reading this- and get a good spot to sing along with the band. And if you take any pictures of the fun, send them to us!