A few weeks ago I wrote about the new Shark Bar in the Kansas City Power & Light District; last night I finally got to see it.

I went to Kansas City with a couple of former Sandbar staffers, Tyler and Erick, and while we were there we managed to run into even more Sandbar alumni.

Brit was a doorguy/bartender from many years ago. Once upon a time he tended bar on Saturday nights with Megan. They fell in love while sharing the space behind the bar and are now happily married, living in Kansas City with their two kids. I haven't seen Brit in several years. He was enjoying an after-work cocktail at an Irish pub.

Maynard– yet another former doorguy- managed to find us in the mob at KC Live. And then we ran into yet another old friend- Dave Kepsel (I'm sure I'm not spelling his last name right), who most of us haven't seen since he disappeared a few years ago. He's still tall.

It was a regular Sandbar reunion last night, and it wasn't even at The Sandbar. Feel free to share your favorite stories about these guys in the comments.