Brother Pants forwarded me a funny article from The Onion about Jimmy Buffett, so now I am sharing it all of you.

And speaking of secret lives, here's a good one for you from the alive-and-well rumor mill in Lawrence.

My good friend Becki called the other day to tell me that her mom had been visiting with a friend who informed her that she (or a friend of hers, I can't remember) was planning to go to Mexico to attend the wedding of the guy who owned the Sandbar. Becki's mom quickly informed her that she must be mistaken, because the guy who owns the Sandbar (actually, co-owns) had been happily married for quite some time and was definitely not traveling to Mexico to get married.

Her friend insisted that yes, it was the guy from the Sandbar- you know, the place that always has the floats in the St. Patrick's Day parade every year? 

I told Dave that if he's planning to go to Mexico to get married that I at least better get to go along for the vacation.