Or, rather, the closest thing we can get to a beach- the Madl pond.

Yesterday a whole crew of Sandbar staff and a few friends headed out to Baldwin for a relaxing evening at Peach and Ted's home.

The weather was great and the water was warm, so some of the group jumped in the pond. Chris took the jet-ski for a spin and was quickly accosted by kids who wanted to ride but had to have an adult drive. After he took his turn, none of the other guys were willing, so Peach gamely jumped on in her jeans to keep the kids happy.

Sandbar beach party009
Sandbar beach party020

Most of the excitement, however, was focused on the giant inflatable trampoline. The boys and Tegan didn't do much jumping but they did make some attempts on the not-very-slippery slide.

Sandbar beach party011
Sandbar beach party012 

Sandbar beach party037
Sandbar beach party032 

After the water party wound down, the group piled into a red horse-drawn wagon for a trail ride around the farm. I should mention that during all of this fun stuff, Ted graciously stayed at the house and cooked up a feast for everyone. We all ended up on the deck at the house for hot dogs, salads, chips, and beer. 

That wasn't all though- some of us stuck around long enough to get a thrill ride on the Kubotas through the wooded trails that Ted recently bulldozed on their property. We decided the trails would make a great outdoor haunted forest for Halloween.

A big thanks to Peach and Ted for a great party.

Sandbar beach party034