I noticed today before I published this post that the blog finally surpassed 15,000 hits. It's been just under two years since the first post was published.

Even though last month was in the midst of prime lake-going time, plenty of folks still hung around on their computers and checked out The Sandbar blog.

Visits last month added up to an impressive 952; this was almost double the visits from the same month a year ago, which were 478. The blog averaged about 30 readers per day this month.

Some of the web searches that led you here include:

Sandbar Matt: He's now famous on the internet, in more ways than one. There is actually another story about our former bartender out there on the internet, but I can't remember if I've already linked to it before. I'll check on that, and if I haven't, look for it here soon.

Sandbar guest list: This myth just won't die. There is no guest list. Perhaps at some other Sandbar, some other place…

What happens to the fish during a hurricane: This was a new twist on the popular "what happens during a hurricane" question. It's nice to finally see someone concerned about the poor fish.

Michelle Johanning: This was perhaps my favorite this month. Pants, perhaps we should ask your wife and my husband about this?

Owns the Sandbar in Lawrence: Ohhh, I take that back. This one was my favorite. First one with the correct answer wins a prize.

The most popular search these days seems to be "mermaid decor." Apparently this is the new hot style or something because lots of people seem to be interested in finding it.

And of course, there were the usual "Sandbar (name of city)" searches, although this time someone was looking for one in Kansas City. We've heard there is a restaurant there called Sandbar, and we need to go check it out sometime. Maybe they would let us dance on their tables.