There are lots of things on the Sandbar walls that are reminiscent of Key West. Some of them have been highlighted here already (like this picture); others are yet to come.

IMG_1711 blog 8.4.08
This particular photo has hung on the walls of The Sandbar for many years now. It’s from a Spring Break trip to Key West that some once-upon-a-time regulars took; they posed for the requisite picture at the Southernmost Point, autographed it, framed it up, and donated it to their favorite bar back home.

I don’t know any of their names, except for Chris, who was a skinny blond guy who used to hang out at the bar back when I first started going there. The girl in the photo briefly worked the early Monday shift at one point.

This was also back in the pre-Pants era when things weren’t framed quite as lovingly as they are now. Back then, we used any old piece of wood we could find. Nevertheless, it’s fun to remember some of the regulars from years past, and give them something to look forward to seeing should they ever make it back to The Sandbar.