We haven’t visited the topic of bar etiquette for quite some time here, and a funny incident the other night reminded me that karma will come back to bite you in the butt, sometimes literally. I thought it was a good time to share a few more thoughts on what you should- or shouldn’t- do while partying at The Sandbar.

A group of middle-aged folks came to the bar one night this week, and Dave said from the minute they walked in, they were a nuisance. You know they type- loud, demanding, obnoxious. He said that at one point, one of the ladies actually grabbed him around the neck while ordering her drink, apparently to make sure he heard her.

Several of us were upstairs rocking out with our new toy when a couple of the women in this group joined us. We apparently weren’t meeting their expectations, as one of the ladies started to loudly criticize us. Then they wanted to play. They wanted Madonna. They wanted 80’s music. They wanted it now. Unfortunately, there is no Madonna or 80’s music in Rock Band (there isn’t much music I’ve even heard of, but that’s beside the point).

We finally found a song they could tolerate and let them play for a couple songs.

Dave told me the next day that the group continued to get more obnoxious and more annoying as the night progressed. And to top it off, he’s pretty sure they didn’t leave a tip.

Where’s the karma you ask? Late into the night, the worst offender in the group- the woman who grabbed Dave’s neck- fell off her chair onto the floor. Hard. It may not have hurt her physically, but it surely hurt her pride. And it gave Dave a good laugh.

The lesson here? Tip your bartender. Don’t butt into someone else’s Rock Band game. Don’t annoy Dave’s wife. And for God’s sake, don’t touch Dave when you’re ordering a drink.