Regular reader and often sarcastic commenter Pattoo pointed out to me after the recent posts about Dave and Danny that he, too, has been the “man on the street” very recently.

Pat, however, got a much more serious question than the other two:

Do you think a peak in oil production will lead to a global energy crisis?

And the answer, according to the draft specialist:

I think it’s kind of a Y2K type of thing, where everyone gets all worked up about it, and then it never really materializes.

I’m glad I didn’t get stopped for that question, I would have sounded like an idiot.

Alright, are any of the rest of you in the paper for anything? Tell me now if you want to be featured here as well.

Edited: It was brought to my attention that I failed to link to the original article. Apparently you want to see Pat’s smiling face, so go here.