A few weeks ago Dave and I were wandering around World Market. He was perusing the toys, naturally, and spied an enormous vinyl shark toy. Of course it must have been fate and he immediately shelled out the twelve bucks they wanted for it. 

And as you all know, it didn’t take him long to figure out the perfect spot for his new shark. You might have noticed the giant “Jaws” jumping off the tap handle of our Shark Attack drink. 
After Dave rigged the shark, the guys were joking about adding a Barbie doll to the mix, thinking it would be funny to have female legs sticking out of the shark’s mouth. And ironically, not five minutes after this brilliant brainstorm, Devo excitedly walked in with this postcard:
Devons Shark Attack Postcard

Devons Shark Attack Postcard back

It’s Sandbar karma. Or maybe the ghost at work.