I never considered The Sandbar a dance club, but after last night I might rethink that idea.

Most of the night was pretty slow, according to bartenders Dave and Blair. Early in the night, the bar was full of people who were sitting and talking, but not necessarily drinking, while a line of other people waited to take their place and the bartenders stood around with no drinks to make.

Even more strange is that not a single bachelorette or birthday party took place inside last night. On weekend summer nights, it’s not unusual to have two, three, or even more bachelorette parties come through on a single night.

By 1 a.m., however, everything had changed. Barely a single person stood on the actual floor and I don’t think anyone was sitting. The bar was full though- all the patrons were crammed onto the benches, dancing and singing to every song that played on the jukebox.

And people just kept coming in! Several large groups came in during that last hour and filled the remaining space on the floor. Everyone danced, and when favorite staples like “Sweet Caroline” and “Life is a Highway” came on, I couldn’t even hear the jukebox for all the people singing. It was fantastic.

Oh, and Brad, who write a nice review about The Sandbar online, surprised us with a visit last night as well. 

It’s always an interesting evening at The Sandbar.