And yes, we often project the upstairs camera onto the downstairs televisions. That means that the people downstairs can see what the people upstairs are doing, which can often be quite funny.

This girl, who has been highlighted here before due to her frequent mentions of The Sandbar on her personal blog, wondered why we have a camera upstairs that we can see downstairs.

So the employees downstairs can see what happens upstairs. Yes, it really is that simple.

Once upon a time, we had a gift shop upstairs. There were t-shirts and grass skirts, trinkets and toys, and it was wonderful for a long time. But then, people changed. We started to catch people trying to steal things, so in went the camera. We caught even more people trying to steal things, and eventually decided that the gift shop was no longer productive.

Next, we created a beach upstairs. There’s nothing there to steal, but it’s funny to watch what people do upstairs, especially if they don’t think anyone can see them.

We have a new surprise coming soon to our upstairs beach, and I can promise that the view from downstairs will become a lot more entertaining.