So the blog has been a little quiet lately, for two reasons.

Number one, I’ve been a little desperate for stories. I keep trying to talk people into writing guest blogs for me, but apparently my arm-twisting needs some work. Or else I need to start coughing up some cash or drinks or something.

Number two, Saturday was my birthday! And we’ve been a little busy preparing for the big event, which included the public unveiling of our new yard and fancy deck.

The Sandbar, in fact, was quite slow on Saturday. Since most of our social circle tends to revolve around people from the bar, both staff and customers, a lot of the regular evening crowd was at our house instead of buying drinks at the bar. Blair, Tegan, and Andrew took one for the team and volunteered to work. They missed most of the party fun. 

One of my favorite moments of the night? When a police officer friend stopped by, in uniform, on his way to work. Tierney saw him walk up and yelled out “hey, we aren’t at capacity!,” apparently not understanding that he was there as a friend. And also not understanding that he is a police officer, and not the fire marshal, and therefore he didn’t care about the occupancy of our yard or the multiple strands of lights and extension cords that decorated the area.