We have lots of birthdays to celebrate in June.

HoangSheriDanny Today, a dear Sandbar friend from the good ol' days turns the big 40. Hoang and his lovely wife Sheri used to spend many an hour at The Sandbar, hanging out in the back room playing darts with Chad, Danny, Chris, Dave, Brent, and a host of other regulars. Those were the days of the "comfy chairs" in the front of the bar, for you old-timers who might be reading this.

Sadly for us, Hoang and Sheri moved away from Lawrence almost ten years ago. (Has it really been that long?!?) They landed first in Houston for a short year, and then ended up outside of San Francisco, where they've been ever since. They've since added two new members to their family, little Eli and baby Jade.

During their time in Lawrence, they frequented not only the Sandbar, but Louise's Downtown for schooners and foosball, and the Ranch for…I'm not sure what, because they don't two-step.

Hoang and Sheri and family try to make a midwest swing at least once every year, stopping in Wichita, Lawrence, Kansas City, and even Oklahoma sometimes to visit old friends. They were just here to visit a few weeks ago, and again the time went by much too fast.

Happy 40th, Hoang. We miss you.