A long, long time ago, The Sandbar became a live music venue for a night (or was it two?).

Peter Mayer, the guitarist in Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band, and Peach worked out an arrangement for a semi-private concert at The Sandbar. Mr. Mayer also performs with his own band when he's not traveling with Mr. Buffett, and he had some downtime he was trying to fill.

As you know, The Sandbar rarely closes to the public. For this occasion, however, we sold a limited number of advance tickets for what I believe was a Sunday night show, and only ticketholders were allowed to come in that night. It was a full house.

Mr. Mayer and his band set up their equipment in front of the windows- this was pre-giant fish tank jutting into the middle of the bar- and played an intimate little show for those fans lucky enough to score a ticket.

Peter Mayer

Peach and Ted graciously put the band up at the Lodge of Baldwin City.  Recently, there was talk of bringing Mr. Mayer back for a similar event, but the timing didn't work out for him or us. Maybe one of these days it will.

Since my recollections of this event are fuzzy- due to my aging brain, not the drinks I might have had that night- the details probably aren't totally accurate. However, feel free to peruse the comments as I'm sure I'll be corrected by the faithful readers (I'm looking at you, Pattoo and Brother Pants.)