Bring the beach to you.

Jamaica Me Crazy 5 book The LJW did an article almost exactly two years ago about light and refreshing summer drinks to help you live out your beach-bum fantasies. And what better place to investigate fruity summer drinks than The Sandbar?

Dave was quoted in the article talking about how when the warm weather hits, the drink orders change. The heavy stuff like Guinness is out (sorry Frank!) and the fruit juice drinks are in.

“I think things change a little bit — we sell a few more of the Bahama mamas, shark attacks and hurricanes,” says Johanning, who is manager of the bar at 17 E. Eighth St. “In summer, people feel like they’re on the beach.”

And the fact that we have an real sand beach upstairs surely can't hurt the popularity of tropical style drinks. The article even provides an abundance of summer drink recipes, from the popular Mojito and daiquiris to some questionable ones like the Kahlua colada (Kahlua in the summer? really?) and the funny-named Cherry Gin-gria. The recipes didn't come from us; they came from We don't share our secrets.